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Server Status : Online
Server is : 62 Days Old
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Players Online : 182
Online Peak  : 317


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Welcome Player!

Welcome to DotA Ragnarok Online!
Hi there! Welcome to Dota Ragnarok Online! Are you looking for a good free to play ragnarok private server? Come and play with us! DotaRO is a fresh server, our server is a high-rate with 5k/5k/20%/5% rates, max base/job level is 255/100.

Ragnarok Online with DotA features!
DotaRO is a pure 2-2 Class(Transcendent Jobs) with a DotA Features; Items, skills and maps such as, Black King Bar, Nether Swap, Guinsoo, Desolator, Sange & Yasha, the Main DotA Map and more!

Community, Server Client and In-game Security.
We provide a good DDoS-Protection, Internal Game Guard to avoid botting, third party programs and editing the GRF. We also features a Unique Anti Bot System ingame.

24/7 Server Up-time + Weekly Maintenance. Story-line Quests & Original NPCs, Account Security System, Useful Custom Commands, Intense WoE & PvP, Automated and Daily events, Kind & reachable GM's, Balanced Job Classes & Items and Lots of custom item!
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